Giessener Elektronische Bibliothek

Electronic Publication of your doctoral thesis in GEB

PhD students of the Justus Liebig University are offered the possibility to publish their doctoral thesis in the Giessener Elektronische Bibliothek (GEB). This service is free of charge.

What we need from you is

Step by step guide to publication

  1. Prepare the document

    Convert your doctoral thesis to PDF. If possible, generate a PDF file in the PDF/A-1b:2005 standard to simplify an optimal long-term archiving.

    Please make sure that all security settings (e.g. password protection) are disabled. This gives us the possibility to convert your doctoral thesis to improved data formats at a later date and thus to make it accessible on a long-term basis.

    To protect your personal data, please remove the CV from the electronic version of your paper. Otherwise, we will replace it by a page with the following note before the publication: The curriculum vitae was removed from the electronic version of the paper.

    Please use the following pattern for the file name (without umlaut and spaces):
    <surname><first name>-<date of dissertation>
    The date of disputation is the date of the oral examination.

  2. Produce the print copies from the PDF file

    The use of the final PDF file as a master guarantees that the formatting of electronic and print versions will be identical.

    Your print copies should be printed on acid-free, age resistant paper (according to DIN ISO 9706). A simple adhesive binding (no staples or spiral binding) will be sufficient.

  3. Registration form

    Please fill in our registration form. All fields marked in red are mandatory. You will find the link to the registration form at the end of this manual.

  4. Submit the PDF file

    If your PDF file is smaller than 100 MB, you can upload this file directly to our server using the registration form.

    If your PDF file is larger than 100 MB, please enter 0 as number of files in the registration form. You are welcome to hand in or send us your PDF file on CD-ROM/USB flash drive. Please complete the registration form in either case to obtain the deposit agreement form.

  5. Deposit agreement form and 4 print copies

    After the online registration, print the deposit agreement form twice, sign it and hand it in or send it to us together with 4 print copies of your doctoral thesis.

    Current information on delivery

    With this agreement you grant the Justus Liebig University the right to save your doctoral thesis, to make it publicly available in data networks and, if necessary, to convert it to other data formats. You also declare in this agreement that the electronic version is identical to the original printed version in form and content.

  6. Publication

    After your documents were checked by the University Library, your thesis will be published in GEB and you will get a notification via e-mail.

    The deposit agreement form will be forwarded to the responsible deanery respectively to the examination office.

To load the registration form you need a user ID and a password, which you can ask us for.

For further questions or if you have problems with the online handing in, we will be pleased to help you.


Unfortunately, we currently have some problems with the registration in GEB, if the text for the fields "Title" or "Abstract in the original language" contains special characters. Therefore we would like to ask you to enter the name of the special character instead of the sign, e.g. "alpha". In the field "Abstract ..." you can simply write the word "Abstract" instead of the text of the summary. We will add the abstract from your PDF later when we edit the entry or you send us the abstract by email.

You can contact us by e-mail or phone: 0641/99-14041 or -14021.