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Sammlung: RSC Open Access Artikel

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 The tip of the iceberg in organic chemistry classes : how do students deal with the invisible? Graulich, Nicole 2015
2 Coherent analysis of disordered mesoporous adsorbents using small angle X-ray scattering and physisorption experiments Stoeckel, Daniela et al. 2014
3 The functionalization of nanodiamonds (diamondoids) as a key parameter of their easily controlled self-assembly in micro- and nanocrystals from the vapor phase Gunawan, Maria A. et al. 2014
4 Amorphous and highly nonstoichiometric titania (TiOx) thin films close to metal-like conductivity Leichtweiss, Thomas et al. 2014
5 Symmetry as a new element to control molecular switches Schweighauser, Luca et al. 2014
6 Simple cathode design for Li-S batteries : cell performance and mechanistic insights by in operando X-ray diffraction Kulisch, Jörn et al. 2014