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Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Characterization of Tg(Etv4-GFP) and Etv5 (RFP) Reporter Lines in the Context of Fibroblast Growth Factor 10 Signaling During Mouse Embryonic Lung Development Jones, Matthew R. et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
2 An Optimized Approach to Perform Bone Histomorphometry Malhan, Deeksha et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
3 When Place Matters: Shuttling of Enolase-1 Across Cellular Compartments Didiasova, Miroslava et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
4 Occurrence, Chronicity and Intensity of Itch in a Clinical Consecutive Sample of Patients with Skin Diseases : a Multi-centre Study in 13 European Countries Schut, Christina et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
5 Agreeableness as Predictor of Induced Scratching in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis: A Replication Study Schut, Christina et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
6 Orthorexia nervosa: A behavioral complex or a psychological condition? Strahler, Jana et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
7 Activation of CD4+ and CD8+ T-lymphocytes by insulin and GAD in patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus Arneth, Borros 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
8 High prevalence of Sarcocystis calchasi in racing pigeon flocks in Germany Parmentier, Sylvia L. et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
9 Appropriate empiric antibiotic choices in health care associated urinary tract infections in urology departments in Europe from 2006 to 2015: A Bayesian analytical approach applied in a surveillance study Tandogdu, Zafer et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz
10 Tunicate-associated bacteria show a great potential for the discovery of antimicrobial compounds Ayuningrum, Diah et al. 05.08.2020, Aufsatz