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Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Die Reform der Informationsinfrastrukturen als Governance-Problem Reuter, Peter 2016
2 Von der Überwindung des generischen Maskulinums hin zum kreativen antidiskriminierenden Sprachhandeln im Deutschen und im Französischen Hergenhan, Jutta 2015
3 Enhanced osteogenesis on titanium implants by UVB photofunctionalization of hydrothermally grown TiO2 coatings Lorenzetti, Martina et al. 2015
4 Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator biomarkers in ‘real life’: can we evaluate individual efficacy of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator therapy? Koningsbruggen-Rietschel, Silke van et al. 2015
5 Magnesium-containing mixed coatings on zirconia for dental implants: mechanical characterization and in vitro behavior Pardun, Karoline et al. 2015
6 Textorganisation und Wortgebrauch im mittelniederdeutschen Gaerde der suntheit (1492) Gloning, Thomas 2015
7 Neuere Entwicklungen zur Preisverantwortung des Bieters im Übernahmerecht – das Postbank-Urteil des BGH Ekkenga, Jens 2015
8 The hidden (r)evolution: Commentary on Hauke Brunkhorst’s book CriticalTheory of Legal Revolutions Kreide, Regina 2015
9 Normative learning processes in evolutionary perspective: Remarks on Hauke Brunkhorst’s Critical Theory of Legal Revolutions Wesche, Tilo 2015
10 Are computers effective lie detectors? : a meta-analysis of linguistic cues todeception Hauch, Valerie et al. 2015
11 Parasites of the grouper fish Epinephelus coioides (Serranidae) as potential environmental indicators in Indonesian coastal ecosystems Kleinertz, Sonja et al. 2015
12 Die Perser im Jesajabuch : Beobachtungen zu »den Persern« in Jesaja 40–48 Schmidt, Uta 2015
13 Wahrscheinlich ein Mensch : die Maske als erkenntnistheoretisches Instrument : eine Skizze Aggermann, Lorenz 2015
14 Metastasizing esthesioneuroblastoma in a dog Siudak, Krystyna et al. 2015
15 Suitability of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha7 and muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 3 antibodies for immune detection: evaluation in murine skin Rommel, Frank R. et al. 2015
16 High-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and copeptin assays to improve diagnostic accuracy of exercise stress test in patients with suspected coronary artery disease Liebetrau, Christoph et al. 2015
17 “What are you like to come home to?” Domesticity in postwar British women’s poetry and fiction, 1945–1960 Berensmeyer, Ingo 2015
18 Schwache und starke Adjektivflexion im Deutschen: kognitive Hintergründe Pepouna, Soulemanou 2015
19 Twenty years of active bat rabies surveillance in Germany : a detailed analysis and future perspectives Schatz, J. et al. 2014
20 Blood parasites in noddies and boobies from Brazilian offshore islands : differences between species and influence of nesting habitat Quillfeldt, Petra et al. 2014
21 Tunneling control of chemical reactions: C–H insertion versus H-tunneling in tert-butylhydroxycarbene Ley, David et al. 2013
22 Mutation in porcine Zip4-like zinc transporter is associated with pancreatic zinc concentration and apparent zinc absorption Siebert, Felicitas et al. 2013
23 Conversion reactions for sodium-ion batteries Klein, Franziska et al. 2013
24 Using stable isotopes to follow excreta N dynamics and N2O emissions in animal production systems Clough, T. J. et al. 2013
25 Sol–gel synthesis of defect-pyrochlore structured CsTaWO6 and the tribochemical influences on photocatalytic activity Schwertmann, Larissa et al. 2013
26 Structure analysis of substrate catalyst complexes in mixtures with ultrafast two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy Messmer, Andreas T. et al. 2013
27 Profiling intact steroid sulfates and unconjugated steroids in biological fluids by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) Galuska, Christina E. et al. 2013
28 Fishermen´s perceptions of interactions between seabirds and artisanal fisheries in the Chonos archipelago, Chilean Patagonia Suazo, Cristián G. et al. 2013
29 Bimodal mesoporous titanium dioxide anatase films templated by a block polymer and an ionic liquid: influence of the porosity on the permeability Sallard, Sébastien et al. 2013
30 Haloperidol but not dopamine rapidly induces neuronal death : comments on "A systematic review of the effects of antipsychotic drugs on brain volume" ; letter to the editor Grant, Phillip 2013
31 A review of MBE grown 0D, 1D and 2D quantum structures in a nanowire Mata, Maria de la et al. 2013
32 Matrix isolation and spectroscopic properties of the methylsulfinyl radical CH3(O)S Reisenauer, Hans Peter et al. 2013
33 Cross-sectional study of factors that influence the 25-hydroxyvitamin D status in pregnant women and in cord blood in Germany Wuertz, Catrin et al. 2013
34 Modified N-acyl-homoserine lactones as chemical probes for the elucidation of plant–microbe interactions Thomanek, Heike et al. 2013
35 Nitrogen and vacancy clusters in ZnO Tuomisto, Filip et al. 2013
36 An insight into voltage-biased superconducting quantum interference devices Liu, Chao et al. 2012
37 Electrospun antimony doped tin oxide (ATO) nanofibers as a versatile conducting matrix Ostermann, Rainer et al. 2012
38 Urinary excretion of in vivo 13C-labelled milk oligosaccharides in breastfed infants Rudloff, Silvia et al. 2012
39 Microstrip direct current superconducting quantum interference device radio frequency amplifier: Noise data Schmidt, Bernd et al. 2012
40 Evolution of asymmetric organocatalysis : multi- and retrocatalysis Wende, Raffael C. et al. 2012
41 Photocathode device using diamondoid and cesium bromide films Clay, William A. et al. 2012
42 Formation of gold nanoparticles in polymeric nanowires by low-temperature thermolysis of gold mesitylene Erk, Christoph et al. 2012
43 Myocardial biopsies differentiate between myocyte- andendothelial-targeted myocarditis : letter to the editor Schranz, Dietmar et al. 2012
44 Diamondoid coating enables disruptive approach for chemical and magnetic imaging with 10nm spatial resolution Ishiwata, Hitoshi et al. 2012
45 String assembling systems Kutrib, Martin et al. 2012
46 Associations between maternal employment and time spent in nutrition-related behaviours among German children and mothers Möser, Anke et al. 2012
47 Role of free school lunch in the associations between family-environmental factors and children´s fruit and vegetable intake in four European countries Ray, Carola et al. 2012
48 Intracoronary bone marrow cell application for terminal heart failure in children Rupp, Stefan et al. 2012
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50 Influence of selected (pre-)maturational parameters on in vitro development and sex distribution of bovine embryos Abele, Eva et al. 2012
51 Influence of interface termination on the magneto-Seebeck effect in MgO based tunnel junctions Czerner, Michael et al. 2012
52 Covalently trapping MutS on DNA to study DNA mismatch recognition and signaling Heinze, Roger J. et al. 2012
53 Towards commercial products by nanocasting : characterization and lithium insertion properties of carbons with a macroporous, interconnected pore structure Jache, Birte et al. 2012
54 Tunnelling control of chemical reactions : the organic chemist´s perspective Ley, David et al. 2012
55 The effect of dry cow antibiotic with and without an internal teat sealant on udder health during the first 100 d of lactation : a field study with matched pairs Mütze, Katja et al. 2012
56 Soft-templating synthesis of mesoporous magnetic CuFe2O4 thin films with ordered 3D honeycomb structure and partially inverted nanocrystalline spinel domains Reitz, Christian et al. 2012
57 Heritability of strabismus : Genetic influence is specific to eso-deviation and independent of refractive error Sanfilippo, Paul G. et al. 2012
58 Magnetic resonance imaging of an aortopulmonary window type three, with aortic atresia and interrupted aortic arch type B Vogel, Melanie et al. 2012
59 Self-assembled GaN quantum wires on GaN/AlN nanowire templates Arbiol, Jordi et al. 2012
60 Paving the way for transgenic schistosomes Beckmann, S. et al. 2012
61 Redox mediation enabled by immobilised centres in the pores of a metal–organic framework grown by liquid phase epitaxy Dragässer, André et al. 2012
62 In situ study of electrochemical activation and surface segregation of the SOFC electrode material La0.75Sr0.25r0.5 Mn0.5O3±delta Huber, Anne-Katrin et al. 2012
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64 Rovibrational eigenenergy structure of the [H,C,N] molecular system Mellau, Georg Ch. 2011
65 Photodissociation of protonated leucine-enkephalin in the VUV range of 8-40 eV Bari, S. et al. 2011
66 Internal quantum efficiency of III-nitride quantum dot superlattices grown by plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy Gacevic, Z. et al. 2011
67 Optical properties of wurtzite/zinc-blende heterostructures in GaN nanowires Jacopin, G. et al. 2011
68 Electrochemical activation of molecular nitrogen at the Ir/YSZ interface Valov, Ilia et al. 2011
69 Electrochemically induced oxygen spillover and diffusion on Pt(111): PEEM imaging and kinetic modelling Mutoro, Eva et al. 2011
70 Diamondoid-modified DNA Wang, Yan et al. 2011
71 The impact of carbon materials on the hydrogen storage properties of light metal hydrides Adelhelm, Philipp et al. 2011
72 Waveguide Fabry-Perot microcavity arrays Feng, Shengfei et al. 2011
73 Low-temperature formation of cubic beta-PbF(2): precursor-based synthesis and first-principles phase stability study Erk, Christoph et al. 2011
74 Exciton confinement in homo- and heteroepitaxial ZnO/Zn(1-x)Mg(x)O quantum wells with x < 0.1 Laumer, Bernhard et al. 2011
75 An EMF cell with a nitrogen solid electrolyte-on the transference of nitrogen ions in yttria-stabilized zirconia Lee, Doh-Kwon et al. 2011
76 The global technical and economic potential of bioenergy from salt-affected soils Wicke, Birka et al. 2011
77 Multivalent interaction and selectivities in selectin binding of functionalized gold colloids decorated with carbohydrate mimetics Roskamp, Meike et al. 2011
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83 The role of a diffusion barrier in plasma display panel with the high gamma cathode layer Lee, Tae-Hoo et al. 2011
84 Room-temperature sodium-ion batteries : Improving the rate capability of carbon anode materials by templating strategies Wenzel, Sebastian et al. 2011
85 Determination of secondary ion mass spectrometry relative sensitivity factors for polar and non-polar ZnO Laufer, Andreas et al. 2011